Different Types Of Pet Snakes

14/03/2011 10:19
If you are one of those people in a minority, who adore the reptilian creature with its scaly body, you are in august company. Jim Morrison in his...


Complete Beginner's Guide To Keeping Pet Snakes

14/03/2011 09:32
The beauty of keeping reptiles is that once you've set up their caging requirements and learned a few basic skills, there are many species that ...


Snake Senses

14/03/2011 09:30
Like most animals on the planet, snakes have the five normal senses. Those would be sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. Some features of the...


What to Know before Buying a Pet Snake

14/03/2011 09:26
  Buying a snake can be a sizable investment. Getting a snake requires making a commitment to the pet's care and well-being. It is important...


General Snake Behavior

14/03/2011 09:04
Snakes are probably the most misunderstood, and most illogically feared creatures on the planet. Of the 2,200-plus species of snakes in the ...


General Eating Habits Of Snakes

05/03/2011 16:40
There is no limit to the food items that you can even think of a snake might eat. Different species have different preys that they prefer to have....


How To Choose A Pet Snake - A General Guide

05/03/2011 14:54
  What type of snake to choose? Keeping pet snakes is becoming more and more common. When you want to buy a pet snake, you could decide ...


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