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Date: 03/07/2015

By: Dave

Subject: strange snake behaviour

saw a snake in a hole in the ground, thought it was a piece of rebar because of how straight it was sticking out of the hole. The part above ground (straight like a bar) was approximately 1.5 ft. Couldn't tell what kind of snake it was because I could only see the belly, then it went back down the hole.
Anyone ever observe activity like this with a snake.



Date: 20/12/2011

By: Nancy

Subject: docile corn snake bit for the first time

We had gotten an albino corn snake, approximately 8 years old, from a friend about six months ago and he has never bitten anyone previously to tonight. The previous owner even took him in and let her kindergarten class hold and handle him on a regular basis. My daughter and I have been pulling him out regularly, maybe not quite once a week just recently, but mainly for feedings rather than just to hold him. We did that more in summer and took him for walks when it was warm enough out. The one thing that we noticed increasingly was that when we try to pick him up out of his cage, he will turn his head quickly at our hands or arm so we just either pull away or hold it there so he can smell us. When he’s done smelling us, and moves on, we stroke his body to let him know we aren’t any harm. That used to work before, but he keeps repeating the quick movement towards our hands or arm. Tonight, he did the same thing, but my daughter was able to take him out and was holding him as usual as I was opening the feeder container to put him in. Then he just turned around and bit her arm. We aren’t sure why he is behaving more erratically over time and was worried that he was going to bite several times when he’d whip his head around suddenly. Any advice? I was the one who thawed out the mice and handled them so she hadn’t even touched them. She also had just had a shower, but nothing was different from that either. Another weird thing happened a couple of feedings ago, he was just done eating the two adult mice and I opened the feeder to pull him out and he actually bit the end of his tail. He let go right away, but found that really strange. After that, I bought him a roomier feeding container. Any comments on that behavior would be appreciated also.




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