Feeding Your Pet Snake

Living Or Pre-Killed Food?

17/03/2011 11:04
One thing to consider when keeping a snake as a pet, is that unlike cats or dogs, snakes do not eat canned food. While cats are also carnivores  that eat rodents, you do not have to feed them the mice complete. But there are no cans with ready to use food for snakes. This is not only...


What Does Your Pet Snake Eat?

17/03/2011 10:59
Snakes are carnivores and eat only meat -- and they will eat almost anything that is smaller or even slightly bigger than them. Feeding your pet snake a variety of mice, rat pups, frogs, lizards, fish, day old chicks, and even worms would sufficiently sustain their healthy diet. Whatever ...


Don't Get Bitten At Feeding Time

17/03/2011 10:55
When it comes to pet snakes, the vast majority of snake bites occur during feeding time. Many of these are the result of improper feeding techniques. Among reptile geeks like myself, these are often referred to as stupid feeding errors or SFEs. I myself made an SFE several years ago with an ...


Feeding A Problem Snake

17/03/2011 10:53
Unfortunately, feeding any snake is not always as simple as putting a mouse in the tank to find it gone the next morning. Occasionally the snake will refuse to feed and it may be tricky to get going again. There are all sorts of feeding hints and tips; however there is always a reason why a...


What If My Snake Refuses To Eat?

17/03/2011 10:50
Every owner of a pet snake has to deal with their animal refusing food at one point or another. It is simply something that we all deal with. In this article I'm going to explain a few time tested methods of getting snake's to eat. I don't claim to have come up with them (they are well known...


Tips On Feeding Your Snake

17/03/2011 10:49
Does your idea of feeding your pet snake consist of tossing some food in the tank every couple of days, closing the lid and walking away? Continue reading and you'll find that there is a lot more involved, and you may just pick up some useful tips to make your snake a lot happier. It is best...




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