The Boa Makes A Great Pet

05/03/2011 16:52

Snakes have become much more popular through recent years. Although they aren’t suitable for everybody, a lot of people think they are incredibly gorgeous and mesmerizing animals. Plus, their quite modest requirements of care mean that anybody can enjoy them. Unlike other common pets like dogs or cats, pet snakes do not have to go for walks, or even let out to get exercise. In fact, huge pet boa constrictors only need fairly modest requirements when it comes to housing, and once you properly understand all about their husbandry and care, they are simple to handle, care for and keep.

Around three thousand snake species are known to man, but only several of them are actually suitable to be kept as household pets. After getting rid of the ton of venomous and endangered species out there, as well as those that are hard to handle and keep, only a small amount of options remains to be kept as household pets. Pythons and boa constrictors would be some of these, the latter of which are commonly referred to as “boids”. Boa constrictors are especially great to keep as pets.

The reasons why a lot of people opt for pet boa constrictors would be their good looks, their ability to thrive and easily breed within captivity and their docile nature, in general.

Twenty-eight recognized species of real boa constrictors exist today and a lot of them happen to make great pets. Common boa constrictors and red-tailed boa constrictors would be the ones that are the most popular. Boa constrictors have the ability to grow up to ten feet long and can live for more than twenty years. These animals are powerful and big, but are generally docile and can tolerate being handled on a regular basis. This makes them an extremely popular choice for a pet.

Rainbow boa constrictors are also commonly kept as pets, even though their care requirements are much stricter compared to regular boa constrictors. They also happen to be a bit less tolerant to getting handled, so most people would not see them as an ideal first choice for a pet.

For snake beginners who believe that boa constrictors might be too hard to handle, various easier and smaller species of boa constrictors also exist. Ground boa constrictors and rosy boa constrictors would be terrestrial species that only grow up to several feet long, have great temperaments and make great pets with their modest care requirements.

No matter which species you opt for, spend time researching on it before committing to it. Although boa constrictors make excellent pets, their very long lifespan would also mean that you need to take care of it for years on end. Ensure that you understand these requirements before committing to decades of enjoyment with a new pet boa constrictor.

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