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14/03/2011 17:42

Corn Snakes (Elaphe guttata), also known as the Red Rat Snake, are native only to North America. They kill their small prey using constriction. There is a maize-like pattern on their underside, and they were commonly found in corn fields, hence the name "Corn Snake".

Corn Snakes are popular pet snakes due to their calm and docile nature, unwillingness to bite, small adult size, colorful and intricate patterns, and they are very simple to take care of. They live about 15-20 years in the wild, however may live up to 23 years in captivity. Similar to other rat snakes, the Corn Snake is not venomous.

The Common Corn Snake (Elaphe guttata guttata) comes from the southeastern United States, and is notably easily distinguished by its orange/brown appearance with a mix of orange/red bands. These bands have black borders, and commonly have an underside which is black and white. Being one of the first snakes to be kept in captivity by people, the Corn Snake continues to be one of the most popular snakes used as pets. Annually, large numbers of Corn Snakes are bred to make sure that there is a large supply of captive-bred Corn Snakes. Keeping 2 of these Snakes together is inadvisable, as they are solitary animals.

These snakes are a very good choice of pet for those wanting to have an exotic/reptilian pet. They still need a large amount of care and looking after, but not as much as other species. Make sure their diet is supplemented and that you have a good insurance provider in case anything goes wrong.


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