Honduran Milk Snake

14/03/2011 16:47

The Honduran King Snake is a well-liked tri-colored snake, regularly bred in captivity which makes it a perfect breed to have as a pet. Obviously as with any other reptile there are things you must always consider and check when deciding to take your new snake home.

Due to their often tiny size, even in adulthood and compared to other types of the breed, the Honduran King snake is more subject to escaping from enclosures, and so you must ensure that however you house your new pet, you must ensure there are no cracks or holes the snake can get thru. These snakes are escape artists, and if there's even a touch of a way out, they're going to find it.

The Honduran king snake will reach a median length of four feet as a grown up, and based totally on other sorts of the same king snake breed, they're considered smaller in comparison to most. However this doesn't suggest they're any less symptomatic of the same traits found in the other bigger snakes. As an example of this, it is again not advocated to house more than one snake in an enclosure, excepting short periods in the mating sessions. If they're housed together, there's an excellent likelihood that only 1 will remain by morning.

Keeping the Honduran king snake in captivity should work very well, so long as the temperature control is normalized at 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and the mandatory gear is prepared. As an example, they're an active snake, though they do like to coil up and hide away under stuff like upturned flower pots, or rocks. Ensure that there are just some of these things available in your enclosure.

You also have to ensure the snake has access to fresh clean drinking water placed in a shallow dish in the enclosure. It's vital to recollect to wash this water constantly as snakes tend to defecate in their drinking water. This if not treated could cause sickness or worse.

In natural habitats the Honduran king snake is present in low to moderate elevations in Nicaragua, North Eastern Costa Rica, and also the Caribbean slope Honduras. They are going to live anywhere that supplies the comfort and protection that they want and will probably be found under rocks, logs and in crevices underground. They again, come out at night to do their hunting.

In captivity there are is a vast variety of substrates to use on the base of your enclosure. Aspen slices, Rodent bedding, or perhaps paper can be employed to keep the snake warm, clean and dry. They are going to eat pretty much anything that you put in front of them including warm blooded prey like rodents and birds, cold blooded prey like lizards and frogs, and always recall that they may also eat other snakes.

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